$5 for Guys. Girls Free

Rowan University

When Molly went to the party she wanted to have fun and a few drinks. One of the guys had other ideas. Learn more About the Documentary

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1000 Times No: Students Giving Voice To A Silent Epidemic

California State University Northridge

A group of college students take action against the prevalence of sexual assault on college campuses by educating themselves, raising awareness, and taking part in a remarkable demonstration. Learn more About the Documentary

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Framingham State University (MA)

"Perspectives" asks the question: Given all that we know, why does sexual assault happen? "Perspectives" looks at different levels of knowledge (and experience) with sexual assault and rape on college and university campuses in the greater Boston area. Learn more About the Documentary

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Red Blooded Men

Northern Illinois University

After talking to a wide range of students across the United States a picture of masculinity and femininity begins to emerge. Men are waking up to the problem of sexual assault. Learn more About the Documentary

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Invisible Fight

Western State Colorado University

Invisible Fight is part documentary and part fictional film, with the focus on highlighting the stupidity and injustice of victim blaming. Learn more About the Documentary

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Make the PACT

We thank you for hearing our call to action. When you Make the Pact you are making our world a better and safer place. Spread the word. We can do this together.


About the Project

PACT5 is a national movement to prevent sexual assaults and rapes in colleges. What is different about PACT5 is that it believes the documentary form, when produced by students, can create powerful stories that can change potentially tragic behavior patterns. Students are the ones who can make a difference in the minds of other students.


See the Statistics

Sexual assault can happen to anyone, regardless of age, gender, race, or sexual orientation. Only 5% of campus sexual assaults are reported.


About the Filmmakers