Documentaries from 5 Teams of Dedicated Student Filmmakers

Northern Illinois University

The Documentaries

Red Blooded Men

Red Blooded Men is a documentary that covers multiple aspects of college life through a male's perspective. Through various interviews, from Northern Illinois University to the University of Iowa, and other schools across the country, we hope to enlighten audiences about notions of masculinity and femininity and create awareness about the increasing trend of sexual assault on campuses across America.

Download the free PACT5 Documentaries Guide for guidance on how to use this documentary to provide campus education about sexual assault.

In Motion

After a sexual assault, a college aged woman is faced with difficult decisions regarding her health and her future. This short narrative film engages with the question of consent and the quick response of friends who, perhaps unintentionally, blame the victim.

Download the free PACT5 Documentaries Guide for guidance on how to use this documentary to provide campus education about sexual assault.

Behind the Scenes (Coming Soon!)

We created both a documentary and a narrative film in an effort to provide the viewer with two different approaches toward dealing with the epidemic of sexual assaults on college campuses.

Meet the Students

Jacob Johnson | Director, Second Year Graduate Student: Department of Communication

I knew that it was a big problem, but I didn't know to what extent there still exists this culture that promotes rape, which has shown its true colors in recent events, including Steubenville and others. The process of interviewing college age men and women, and seeing how they react to these very real topics and how it relates to their lives and the culture as a whole, was an eye opening experience for me, and if our documentary is successful, I hope it's equally eye opening for our audience.

Alexandra Forni | Director, Second year Graduate Student: Department of Communication

I have always been interested in activist filmmaking and the direction of this project opened up my eyes to a different format that is useful for activist filmmaking.  I have a special interest in the promotion of sexual assault awareness campaigns and therefore feel fortunate to have had such an intrinsic role working on this important project.

Jasmine Davis | Junior, Communication Major (Emphasis in Media Studies)

As I reflect on my experience for this class I imagined that it would be much different than it ended up being. The research part of the class was a lot to take in because it was kind of emotional at a certain point. We learned about the statistics, victim blaming, and also knowing that sexual assault does not just happen to women but to men also. Transitioning into the production part of the class I can say that I have gained a lot of knowledge from this experience.

Caitlin Safiran | Junior,Communication Major (Emphasis in Media Studies)

Being a part of this project, I’ve learned much more about the issue of sexual assault both on college campuses and across the country. I’m lucky to be a part of a project that aims to better educate others and change our society’s view of rape culture.

Meagan Biebel | Junior Communication Major (Emphasis in Media Studies); Minor: Dance

There is so much false information out there on the topic of rape. By being a part of this project, I feel honored to have had the opportunity to inform people of the facts as well as help victims who have been affected by rape. This experience has forever changed my views on rape and its victims. It is critical that society becomes aware of just how serious this topic is. Education leads to change and hopefully with what we present to the world, we can help make those changes.

Courtney Oakes | First year graduate student: Department of Communication MA program

This project has increased my awareness of sexual assault, and its prevalence on college campuses. I feel honored to be part of a production that aims to alter the actions and opinions of rape culture in our society.

Caitlin Chiero | Senior, Communication Major (Emphasis in Media Studies)

Working on this project and learning all that I have about sexual assault has really made me much more conscious of how I view sexual assault and sexual assault survivors.  I am also much more aware of how prevalent rape culture is in our society and how much it needs to be changed. Over all it's made me care deeply about finding a way to make an impact on our culture, and hopefully change the way sexual assault is viewed and talked about.

Robert Buckley | Senior, Communication Major (Emphasis in Media Studies)

This project humbled and educated me on what it takes to make a narrative film.  It educated me on sexual assault.  It is both an honor and pleasure to work with others on the noble goal of making the issue of sexual assault known to the public.

Jonathan Rosenbloom | Junior, Double major in Communication and History

This project has made me more aware of rape culture in our society and how difficult it is to find justice for rape victims.  I am glad to have been able to be a part of this project to help educate others on this terrible problem.  I hope that this project helps inspire others to take a stand against sexual assault.

Cameron Most | Senior, Communication (Media Studies Emphasis)

I have always had somewhat of an idea of how prevalent an issue sexual assault/rape is on college campuses, but never really took any action because it was such a negative subject. However, after working on this project and hearing testimonies, my desire to help has dramatically increased. In the near future, I see myself doing what I can as a filmmaker to change this kind of hurtful behavior.

Guillermo Aguilar | Senior, Communication (Media Studies Emphasis and Spanish Linguistics)

I was affected in many different ways while filming this documentary but I was affected the most when I came to realize the huge number of assault cases that happen (and keep happening) without having some sort of significant repercussion for the aggressor. It really makes me sad and upset when the consequences don't match the crime and the victim doesn't get justice. I believe with adequate punishment more people would think twice before committing sexual assault.

Matthew Ropp | Senior, Communication (Emphasis in Media Studies)

Initially, our documentary sought to expose how masculinity contributes to incidences of sexual assault. Through our research and interviews, I actually found that the vast majority of college males are concerned about this relationship as well, and personally seek to change the way men think about themselves. Talking to male peers about these issues has shown me the real value of this project, and the hope that exists for us as a society to put an end to sexual assault and the negative attitudes that contribute to rape culture.

Antonio Williams | Senior, Communication Major

Sexual assault is like seeing an image with dirt in your eyes. It can sometimes be very hard to identify. This documentary has made things clearer to me and has helped me understand how to handle sexual assault matters if I’m ever put into the situation.

Meet the Professor

Laura Vazquez | Professor

Laura Vazquez has produced several social issue documentaries. She received two grants from NIU to work on “On the edge: Family homelessness in America” which won the King Family Foundation Best Faculty Documentary Award at the Broadcast Educator’s Association Conference in 2010. In 2007 she produced a documentary entitled “Mother Jones: America’s Most Dangerous Woman” named Official Selection of the 2007 Independent Filmmaker’s Festival and winner of 1st Place, Documentary Division, Geneva Festival of the Arts (2007). She also produced “My Own Four Walls” (a series about homeless children) which won the 2007 NAEHCY Outstanding Media award.